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Canadian Authors and Illustrators

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Authors & Illustrators
Library and Archives Canada
Alphabetical list of links to personal pages of Canadian children's authors and illustrators.

Online guide to Writing in Canada
Canadian Authors Index
This listing is by no means complete, instead acting as a framework by which to collect further materials.

Canadian Authors Association
The Canadian Authors Association is Canada's national writing organization. Founded in 1921, the CAA has played a key role in the support and development of the Canadian writing community. It has charitable status as a registered National Arts Service Organization. Member Sites

The Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and Performers is a group of professionals in the field of children's culture with members from all parts of Canada. CANSCAIP has been instrumental in the support and promotion of children's literature through newsletters, workshops, meetings and other information programs for authors, parents, teachers, librarians, publishers, and others. 

Aboriginal Authors

Aboriginal Authors & Illustrators

Metis Authors

Selected Canadian Writers
The Literary Manuscripts Collection of Library and Archives Canada contains a wealth of materials related to some of Canada's most celebrated writers. Much can be learned about these authors by an examination of the collection's manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, journals and notebooks.

Crossover Authors
An exploration of witers who write for kids and adults.

Canadian Illustrated Children's Books Explored 
Judith Saltman, Kathryn Shoemaker and Gail Edwards undertake first comprehensive examination of the historical context and current state of Canadian children's illustrated books in English from an interdisciplinary perspective. It explores the historical development of illustrated books for children in Canada, and provides a critical understanding of Canadian identity as presented in picturebooks. They assess the literary and visual contributions of Canadian authors and illustrators, and document the current state of children's illustrated book publishing in Canada.

The Art of Illustration
A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Children's Book Illustrators


Barbara Reid: Queen of Plasticine
by Janice Biebrich

The Magic Realism of Gilles Tibo
by Linda McLure

Jan Thornhill
by Jennifer Flanders


Performing Childhood
Children's Literature Association Annual Conference is in Winnipeg 
June 9 - 12, 2005

Posted by Janice Biebrich

Posted April 15, 2005