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Embracing Canadian Literature

This site provides  resources for the promotion of Canadian Literature so that our students may see themselves and their experiences in some of the books that they read.

"The selection and quality of Canadian books for children and young adults has never been better. Canadian children's books are internationally acclaimed, and many publishers have significant export and rights sales in other countries. Yet over the past decade or more the number of Canadian books in our own school libraries has been declining - mirroring the declining numbers of teacher-librarians, cutbacks in school library resource budgets, weakened school library programs, and reduced school library hours.
For Canadian publishers of books for children and young adults, school libraries have been the foundation of their market, and sales to school libraries have dropped significantly over the past decade. The Association of Canadian Publishers commissioned in-depth cross-Canada research to explore these changes in the school library market in order to provide information and perspectives for marketing and awareness building for Canadian books in school libraries.
This report identifies influences affecting Canadian book selection and book selection in general; identifies needs and challenges for marketing Canadian books; identifies strategies and resources for awareness building about the importance of school libraries and identifies opportunities and directions for marketing Canadian books for schools."

Excerpted from:
Highlights from Canadian Books in Schools Raising the Profile

More studies from the Association of Canadian Publishers 

PIKA Canadian Children's Literature Data Base
Thanks to PIKA, you no longer have to search book lists, rummage through library shelves, or flit here and there to find a book on a specific topic. The PIKA database is a search tool for Canadian children's literature designed to make life easier for bookworms and other creatures who love children's literature.

Children's Literature Service
Established in 1975, the Children's Literature Service now offers more than 141,724 items of fiction and non-fiction published in French, English and in other languages. The collection is meant for children and youth 16 years of age and under. It is a complete collection of Canadian works tracing the history of Canadian children's books. A world-class reference collection and a significant collection of literary manuscripts and original illustrations add to its value as a research collection.

Read Up On It
Find noteworthy and award winning Canadian titles on the following themes:
Poetry, Multiculturalism, Magic, Nature & the Environment, Music, Humour, Mystery & Adventure, Sports, History, Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Family, and Aboriginal Legends.

Posted by
Janice Biebrich

Posted April 15, 2005